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2018 Q3 Distributor Pack  (83MB) Zip file 

(2019 uptade to be launched soon)

2018Q3 Videos, Pictures (188MB) Zip File

(2019 uptade to be launched soon)

Latest Videos

Informative Videos

Animated Video 1...  Presenting GridEx shortly

Animated Video 2 ... Presenting problems and GridEx as a Solution:

New Animated Video 3 ... Presenting for Executives and Managers the advantages of GridEx (available in on )


FMTP Power presentation Aug 2018

FMTP GridEx presence worldwide

Map Jan2019 (Red dots : FMTP Offices, Green dots: Countries where we have 17 Distributors in 30+ countries)

Flyer Gridex SECURE - mainly made for Chefs and Executives, when the main argument is to not use a PC and PC application. A PC connection threat for the networks, slowing doing the traffic in best case.... 

Flyer GridEx SIMPLIFYING the job of the field engineers, showing only significant information and clear report among the Mbytes & GBytes data flow.

GridEx Datasheet incl. order information


 official Firmware version: 1.5

official release of Gridex Explorer PC application version:1.5

The User guide (securised) 


Click the link and download them from: GridEx User page

Demonstration at customers

Showing the Unique features vs competition: (PPT)

Distributor Release Notes (not intended for customers) 

The Customer version is in the GridEx user page. (see link above)

Now you can demonstrate GridEx by connecting it to your PC Ethernet port or Ethernet Adapter. 

Note: Not intended and can't be given to Customers due to Licensing of particular routines. 

This PC application is simple to use. it contains 4 Recordings 2 GOOSE and 2 Sampled Values with typical examples recorded from the field.