Support Policy

FMTP Support Policy & Maintenance Programs

FMTP Support Policy

Effective May 1, 2016

Here at FMTP, we are dedicated to providing an easy to use, high quality product that brings help, guidance and information to person working with our products. Of course, there’s always room to improve our products, and so we offer support as detailed below.

Maintenance, and Support programs

Maintenance Releases

We aim to improve our products continuously and fix it when mal-functions are found within the original product specifications at the time of purchase.

Note: our products are tested both in labs and in the field by our engineers and by graciously volunteered customers.

For the issues that can be feasibly resolved, we will offer maintenance releases that provide improvement and fixes for these issues.

New features that expand functionality will not be included in maintenance releases.

If you found a bug in our products that you would like to report, please report it online on our Web page or at

The following benefit is included:

  • Maintenance releases
  • Support by Email

Note: The first person to contact is your FMTP Power local distributor/reseller.

Specifically GridEx® - Upgrade Software program for GridEx®

GridEx® customers who purchase a new product, or customers who would like to upgrade their product can purchase a one or three years Upgrade Software program. This program is active for one (1) or three years (3) after the date of purchase, and it will entitle customers with an active program to the following benefits:

  • Upgrades to new versions of GridEx® when and if they become available two (2) times per year.
  • New functionality releases.
  • Improved functionality releases.
  • Specific Technical support Email and Phone.

Note: The first person to contact is your FMTP Power local distributor/reseller.

Pre-Sales Customer Service

You can get help with pre-purchase information or with an order from the FMTPs Web store by contacting the FMTP Sales team or your FMTP Power local distributor/reseller.

Technical Support

Online: Get answers to your questions in the online. Consult our FAQ(*), Manual, and tutorials(*), or post your question on our Web page or at   where GridEx® experts will help you diligently.

Email and Phone: Customers can Email or Call the technical support team for assistance resolving issues. It’s always better and more effective to first contact your FMTP Power local distributor/reseller.

Customers with an active a GridEx® Upgrade Software program can also email the technical support team for additional assistance at At this time, email and phone technical support is mainly available in English, but we also manage almost all the main languages in the FMTP Team.

To better serve the needs of all customers' technical issues and ensure that all customers are assisted as quickly as possible, the technical support team is unable to offer deep application training services other email and phone. The well known FMTP Trainings and Seminars are great learning resources and solution for this purpose.

Open Hours

Email and phone support is available Monday - Friday from 9:00am-5:00pm CET (Central European Time). These services will not be available during major European holidays, subsequent floating days, and during the FMTP Power office-wide shutdowns which happen the week between Christmas and New Years.

A future setup in North America(*) at CT UTC/GMT-5  hours and Asia(*) at HKT UTC/GMT+8 hours is under preparation.

(*) available from 2H 2016

Hardware Warranty & Service Programs

Please refer to FMTP Hardware Repair Policies for Warranty and Service Programs policy.

For any question please contact us at or from FMTP’s reseller by email or by phone.