GridEx The IEC 61850 Cyber Secure Test Tool

Sets you in control of your "Live" Smart Grid IEC 61850 networks 

GridEx built-in intelligence based on 30 years combined field experience in Protection Control with IEC 61850

Direct from the field:
"“Thanks to GridEx for the first time we were able to validate and baseline our IEC 61850 substation implementation. The GridEx highlighted issues that were not otherwise apparent and we were able to easily identify and correct issues. The GridEx is a valuable tool for commissioning, maintenance and general fault finding.“
EvoEnergy, Australia

"Now I can see my data..."   
Björn, Sweden

"... a Tool for my service team..."   
Alan, USA

"With GridEx,... I could solve my alarms..."   
Linda, Sweden 

".. I could check and correct my GOOSE and Sampled Values messages to be 100% in line with the IEC 61850 Standard Ed2."  
Ted, Canada

Researchers have discovered the the malware capability used in the Dec. 17, 2016, cyber-attack on a Ukraine transmission substation that resulted power outages in Kiev....

Are the Good Guys as Dangerous as the Bad Guys – an Almost catastrophic Failure of the Transmission Grid !!

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