Secondary System Eng - HTS Consulting

Secondary Power system engineering services offered by FMTP 

Testing and commissioning services.

Substation commissioning

Power plants commissioning

All positions in commissioning: Commissioning management, Pre-commissioning, Protection relays commissioning and SCADA commissioning.

Experience with most of the relays which are now on the market (ABB, SIEMENS, TOSHIBA, SEL, ALSTOM/GE, etc.)

Experience on SCADA systems from the market

We have offered and offer the full package for commissioning.

Engineering of protection relays and SCADA applications.

Engineering protection relays

Engineering SCADA applications.

We are developing the protection settings based on the requirements which are coming from our clients. Same with SCADA applications.

Engineering Protocol Gateway applications.

Factory testing

Testing of cubicles with the final client before shipment.

Preparation of the documentation

Organization of the testing, engineering and commissioning.

Testing of cubicles with the final client before they are shipped.

Relay replacement.

Solutions for relay replacement

Solutions for relay upgrades

Solution proposal

Acquisition of material

Design & Drawing modifications

Wiring modification

Testing the relay

Integration in SCADA.

Upgrade of SCADA system.

Acquisition of material

Design & Drawing modifications

Testing the new application with the existing primary and secondary equipment.

Maintenance programs.

Development of long term maintenance plans

Possibility to assign teams specially for Maintenance plans. 

We offer consulting on Specification of Power systems, Protection relays, FAT, SAT,  Substation Testing tools Let us know your needs and we will provide you a quote.  


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