Wavewin Sniffer

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Wavewin Sniffer

Non-Intrusitve Disturbance Sniffer & Monitoring Tools

Non-Intrusive, small, clamp-on AC/DC sensorOther sensors: Temp sensors, IRIG-B sensors, ...Sensitive down to a resolution of 10 microsecondsSingle cable for power and outputAnalyse your monitored data with WAVEWIN
Opens various types of proprietary & standard formats from DFRs, Digital Relays, Meters …Translates fault records from their native format to the IEC 60255-24, IEEE Std. C37.111 “COMTRADE format”.More information on Wavewin page.

Wavewin sniffer is a transient disturbance recorder device that can be equipped with up to 8 sensors (current, voltage, temperature or humidity) sampled at 2340 Hz per channel.The data is continuously transmitted to a host computer over an Ethernet connection.The recording can be triggered manually or through threshold settings for the analog channels. The current sensor is a small, non-intrusive, clamp-on sensor based on Hall Effect to sense current flow through electric wires. It can detect AC and DC currents.The sensor has a curved mu-metal strip used for shielding against external magnetic fields and for amplifying internal fields. The sensor has a clothespin like enclosure and is capable of sensing microsecond transients (AC and DC) with a 2% accuracy range. The sensor uses a single RJ45 cable with 4 pins dedicated for both power and output signals.

SensorsCurrent Precision Hall-Effect 50A, 200A, Voltage, Temperature, IRIG-B

Wavewin Sniffer

Setup tool

24 or 8 Channels Hub unit

Wavewin Sensors DS R01A.pdf

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