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GridEx® IEC 61850 Test Tool

The first Smart Grid mulitmeter

Sets you in control of your Smart Grid IEC 61850 networks 

FMTP design and manufacture Products and Solution for the Power industry & Smart Grid

FMTP Distribute:  SERTEL Leader in Time Synchronisation

AnaDig 100

Analog to Digital converter for transducers

AnaDig 100 Analog to Digital converter for transducers

Use your High speed Analog sensors on todays Test equipment's

Applications: HV Circuit breaker Testing, Industrial use

SRM d9

High Precision Micro-ohmmeter measurement unit

SRM d a High Precision Micro-ohmmeter measurement unit using your actual or any current source BUT enhance all your measurements.

Applications: Power and HV Circuit breaker contact measurements or Measure of any contacts or joint resistance.

Balto Portable DC 3000A

Balto DC 3000A-30kA modular series

Test of High Speed DC Railways Circuit Breaker

High Current Generator for testing High Speed DC Circuit Breaker

Applicaitons: Railways, Mining, Ship, U-boats, Power systems


FMTP distribute, markets best and most popular Waveform data Analysis Tools:

COMTRADE Viewer and Advanced Analyzer

Wavewin Viewer Analyzer

Wavewin Data Collection System

Data Collection Automatic DR / Event Log

Single Line Diagram with datat in Control Center

SmartGrid IEC 61850 Engineering System Tool

Helinks Engineering Tool The tool set comprises: System Specification Tool
System Configuration Tool and Various utilities for SCL Handling.
Advanced graphical editors (Single Line Editor, Function Diagram Editor, and System Diagram Editor) serve to build the SCL files for an SAS project.
Excel Import/Export of Signal List
SCL import and export
SCL direct editing and validation
Signal Engineering
Communication specification
Automatic generation of IEC 61850 communication configurations (MMS Reports, GOOSE)
Advanced documentation feature

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