GridEx® IEC 61850 Test Tool

Sets you in control of your Smart Grid IEC 61850 networks 

GridEx built-in intelligence based on 30 years combined field experience in Protection Control with IEC 61850

Direct from the field:
"Now I can see my data..."   Björn, Sweden

"... a Tool for my service team..."   Alan, USA

"With GridEx,... I could solve my alarms..."   Linda, Sweden 

".. I could check and correct my GOOSE and Sampled Values messages to be 100% in line with the IEC 61850 Standard Ed2."    Ted, Canada

Experienced and routined in IEC 61850 or having issues with it
You can't read, can't see what's going on,... You need a tool that helps you... he answer is: 

Researchers have discovered the the malware capability used in the Dec. 17, 2016, cyber-attack on a Ukraine transmission substation that resulted power outages in Kiev....

Are the Good Guys as Dangerous as the Bad Guys – an Almost Catastrophic Failure of the Transmission Grid !!

on PACWorld...

A 2 minutes presentation..

Features, Advantages and Uniqueness...

Sample of screenshots and functions:

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