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The Cyber secure Test Tool for     

 IEC_61850 networks

Are the Good guys as dangerous as the Bad guys? 

an almost catastrophic Failure of the Transmission Grid

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secure OS & secure connection to the networks live! 

Direct from the field:
"“Thanks to GridEx for the first time we were able to validate and baseline our IEC 61850 substation implementation. The GridEx highlighted issues that were not otherwise apparent and we were able to easily identify and correct issues. The GridEx is a valuable tool for commissioning, maintenance and general fault finding.“
EvoEnergy, Australia

"Now I can see my data..."   
Björn, Sweden

"... a Tool for my service team..."   
Alan, USA

"With GridEx,... I could solve my alarms..."   
Linda, Sweden 

".. I could check and correct my GOOSE and Sampled Values messages to be 100% in line with the IEC 61850 Standard Ed2."  
Ted, Canada

Are the Good guys as dangerous as the Bad guys 

an almost catastrophic Failure of the Transmission Grid

Your Cyber Secure personal assistant for 

Smart Grid networks

IEC 61850

GridEx® built-in intelligence based on 30 years combined field experience in Protection Control with IEC 61850

FMTP engineer & distribute:

SmartGrid IEC 61850 Engineering System Tool

Helinks Engineering Tool

The tool set comprises:

  • System Specification Tool
  • System Configuration Tool and Various utilities for SCL Handling.
  • Advanced graphical editors (Single Line Editor, Function Diagram Editor, and System Diagram Editor) serve to build the SCL files for an SAS project.
  • Excel Import/Export of Signal List
  • SCL import and export
  • SCL direct editing and validation
  • Signal Engineering
  • Communication specification
  • Automatic generation of IEC 61850 communication configurations (MMS Reports, GOOSE)
  • Advanced documentation features

FMTP Partner

IEC 61850, IEC 60255 Real time system simulation 

OPAL-RT Leader in Real time system 

FMTP Distribute: 

SERTEL Leader in Time Synchronisation

FMTP Distribute and engineer:

The most powerfull COMTRADE Viewer, Analyzer, Checker

Wavewin waveform data Analysis Tools

Wavewin Viewer Analyzer

Wavewin data Collection System

Data Collection Automatic DR / Event Log

Single Line Diagram Master Station

WaveWin Sniffer (TM)

Waveform Data recorder non-intrusiveCurrent sense, Voltage Sense, Temperature Sense, IRIG B Sense.

Waveform Data recorder 24Channels & 8Channels


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Consulting & Engineering services on:

All aspects of Smart Grid IEC 61850  ··    IT Engineering IP address strategies, Cybersecure networks: Traffic separation, Solutions available, redundant networks topologies.   All aspects of Smart Grid IEC61850 ·      Power systems ·      Protection relays ·      Substation Test tools ·      Engineering and configuration tools ·      Helinks Engineering Tools·      SCADA system solutions · Gateways between IEC61850 and IEC 60870-5- and DNP3· Secondary systems:  Testing and commissioningservices · Relay replacement  · FAT · Maintenance programs · Excitation systems · Turbine governor · Control Center communication · Data Management

Please see details and information in Consulting & Engineering pages.

 FMTP develop his engineering services with European partners

Engineering services within IT infrastructure Communication Networks & Cyber security

Engineering services in the field of energy production, transmission and distribution systems

Services in energy production and distribution

Services in power plant secondary systems engineering

 IT Infrastructure

Communication Networks & Cyber security

IP Leet

Hydropower - Excitation systems - Thermopower


Secondary systems - Substations

HTS Consulting

FMTP Partner

Balto Portable DC 3000A & Balto DC 3000A-30kA modular series 

Test of High Speed DC Railways Circuit Breaker

High Current Generator for testing High Speed DC Circuit Breaker

Applications: Railways, Mining, Ship, U-boats, Power systems


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